Filtered earplugs and in ear music monitors have become standard gear for musician’s to be able to hear their music clearly while protecting their hearing. Regular earplugs just don’t allow the satisfaction of hearing the music your creating. You will be much happier with personal sound gear for your ears that allow you the best clarity of your music, while protecting your ears. Not to mention, you’ll hold you pitch better and hold with the band more accurately no matter what your position is. Plus you won’t miss critical frequencies that you allow your music to be it’s very best.

Often times,, max protection isn’t essential for musician’s, but rather protection from the low-mid tones. This is easily accomplished with customer ear plugs or in ear monitors.

Musician’s Ear Plugs

You can get your musician’s earplugs in custom fit and ready fit options. We usually fit these deeper in the canal for best sound performance and hearing protection. This deeper fit creates a more secure block against loud noise and also channels sound to the eardrum better for your best sound/hearing quality of you music and speech/voice quality while practicing or performing.

Musician’s ear plugs are very popular for many applications of maintaining good hearing, while protecting your hearing, i.e.:

  • Industrial
  • Sound crews
  • Oil & Gas workers
  • Recording engineers
  • Farmer’s & Agriculture
  • Band teachers
  • Autoracing
  • Concert-goers
  • Industrial workersDJs
  • Airline personnel
  • Athletic coaches
  • Dentists
  • Going to bars or clubs
  • Referees
  • Motorcyclists
  • Medical professionals
  • Construction workers
  • NFL football players
  • Truck drivers
  • and many more

In-Ear Musician Monitors

Performing musician’s use in ear monitors as standard gear nowadays. In-ear musician monitors (IEMs) offer phenomenal sound technology. You can have 2-12 drivers placed in each earpiece to your satisfaction. These allow you to protect your ears from the damaging loud sounds of the speakers and your damaging loud environment, while hearing the details of your music coming through in crystal clear, surround sound quality to allow you to deliver your greatest performance every time.

Custom fit monitors perform the best, but we offer great universal fit options also.

The Importance of Accurate Custom Fitting of Your In Ear Music Monitors & Hearing Protection

Our Hearing Healthcare Professionals are well-trained in assisting you to get your best fit & performance with our custom & universal products. We custom make everything in our manufacturing facilities to insure your best sound performance & fit.

If you choose custom fit products, we will take an exact impression of your ears. Then our highly skilled technicians will custom make the product to the exact specifications you and your Hearing Healthcare Professional decide.

If you choose to invest the money into high quality, custom fit products, take the time and spend a tiny bit more to have a professional do your earmolds. WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! We see endless disasters of mail orders and do it yourself kits. Taking a perfect impression is everything for getting the product made perfectly. Done right the first time will last you so long. A professional set of earmolds costs $30-50 dollars. If your spending $200-3,000, doesn’t it only make sense to get it perfect? SO IMPORTANT, SO YOU GET THE BEST PRODUCT FOR NOW AND THE LONG HAUL!

Call us today to discuss the right product for you and how to begin. These are incredible products with amazing sound technology. You will love your personalized, new sound products- custom or universal- GUARANTEED TO PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND LEAVE YOU SAYING…WOW!074-344