Health insurance coverage and managed benefit contracts

  • Harris Hearing is a provider for all major insurance plans and will bill for hearing instruments where applicable.
  • Harris Hearing works with all HSA and Flex Spending accounts.
  • We also have an outstanding hearing aid benefit plan with several local employers.
  • Many of the best insurances are BlueCross Federal ($2,500 every 3 years), Mail Handler’s ($500 every 3 years per aid), Union’s, State Governments (several like California, Texas, etc. are great, others provide nothing- call for verification), Specific Employer associations i.e. miner’s, electricians, manufacturing, teachers and so on. Call us today and we will get verification for you immediately. Every plan differs in amount.
  • We are connected into main national billing system and associations and can get you results immediately.

Our standard manufacturer direct pricing is significantly better than most company’s “insurance program”

  • You’ll save up to 60% off MSRP with our manufacturing advantage. Compare that with the traditional 10-25% off or $500 towards you hearing aids purchase programs that most employers offer. We literally have several hundred people a year who choose our manufacturing direct approach over their insurance route because the value per cost is significantly higher.
  • Plus our standard warranty and guarantee is better than any insurance program we have seen.
    • You get 2 years parts and labor warranty, plus two years loss and damage warranty ($300 deductible at time of loss per aid), plus our unparalleled 6 Month Sounds Great Guarantee.
    • Compare that to the best insurance we’ve seen of 2 years parts and labor, 1 year loss and damage ($300 deductible also) and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Select local employers discount program:

  • Members receive an additional 10% discount off our already low manufacturer’s direct prices on hearing instruments, or $250 off our usual and customary prices on each hearing device (whichever is the greater discount).
  • The program includes quarterly cleanings and adjustments, yearly hearing screenings, and yearly hearing aid evaluations.
  • Two years loss and damage insurance is included, and two year repair warranty (three years on some models).
  • Repair and/or loss and damage replacement renewal options are available.
  • Batteries are provided for the life of the hearing aids (two packages per quarter).
  • Call to find out if your employer qualifies.