Do you notice the following:

  • Your family and friends comment on you missing out due to¬†your hearing inability
  • It seems like people are mumbling
  • You often ask people to repeat
  • You hear fine up close and one on one, but at a little distance, from another room, in background noise or when several people are talking, you just can’t make out what’s being said
  • It’s very hard to focus on what you want to hear
  • You turn the TV or phone too loud for others to be around or use
  • You avoid certain situations, because you lack the confidence to hear, understand and respond correctly
  • Your tired of being embarrassed or just sitting, smiling and nodding, so you won’t be embarrassed, even though you missed most of the conversation

If you are answering yes to any of these, please call today and let’s schedule a free, no obligation test to help you chart your best course for your hearing. Taking care of your hearing at the right time will pay great dividends to you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Procrastination will cause tremendous, unnecessary frustration the rest of your life. Please take action today for yourself and for those around you.

Our experience is most people take action at first for the sake of those around them. Great reason to take action today! Then they get used to hearing better again and they start¬†wearing their hearing aids for themselves, because they are happy with them. They like hearing again and aren’t willing to go back to a silent, more lonely life experience. Reconnect to your life today through better hearing!

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