Free Hearing Test in Utah

Harris Hearing is committed to bringing excellent solutions to clients’ hearing care needs. We are proud to inform you that we offer free hearing tests in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah. This no-charge service allows us to improve our customers’ quality of life by providing all the information they need to understand their conditions. If you’re experiencing hearing problems, but aren’t sure about the cause and the risks associated with them, this service is for you.

A hearing test allows our team of healthcare professionals to identify the cause and severity of hearing problems. They can tell you whether you have mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss. You may undergo screening and a series of examinations to determine the most appropriate solution.

At Harris Hearing, we base our recommendations on the results of the diagnostic tests and audio logical evaluations we perform. The data we gather help us determine the right type of hearing aid for a particular patient. If the problem calls for medical care and attention, we’ll refer you to a physician for treatment.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

Remember that buying hearing aids is not as simple as you think it is; you need to choose the instruments that best fit your needs and condition. Our free hearing exam aims to give you an overview of your hearing health. After the test, we’ll discuss the results and help you decide on a particular hearing aid style, color, and design. We’ll also recommend the technology and features that will boost your devices’ capabilities.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and a free screening.