Once your hearing test is complete, we will discuss results and help you make the most intelligent decision in choosing the right hearing aid(s) for you. We will schedule a delivery time with you. At that time, we will show you how to use your new hearing aids and how to care for them. This is all very easy. We will have you put them in/on and off your ears and make sure you are comfortable with them in every way. You will generally be better off to bring your spouse or family with you to help remember the information for your easiest transition into wearing hearing aids.

Hearing better will be an emotional and exciting adventure. You will hear sounds you haven’t heard for quite some time. Our goal working together is to make sure your hearing aids are comfortable and the sounds of life you need to hear are clear, audible and also pleasant. We will fine tune your hearing aids over the first 1-4 weeks to your total satisfaction. This usually requires 1-2 visits. After that, you should be set and doing great with your new hearing aids. We will also do additional testing, as needed, to ensure your greatest hearing results.

We also find questionnaires to be helpful in reaching your best hearing results. Make sure you are clear, specific and honest about your experience. This will help us to be most accurate in our fine tuning and adjusting for you. There are many adjustments we can make for your total satisfaction, as long as we know what you are experiencing. It is most helpful when you keep a small note pad and list details of your experience dad to day, so we can review and adjust accordingly.

The first fitting of your hearing aid is the beginning of a whole new world. Come in after your initial fitting and let’s fine tune as needed, to help you adapt easily and comfortably to your whole new world. Hearing better has so many rewards. As mentioned, many people become very emotional or excited to be able to hear the wonderful sounds of life and communicate easily with family and friends again. We look forward to assisting you in your journey to hear again.

As with everything, your positive attitude and commitment to do what’s necessary will make all the difference in your hearing success. Those who wear their hearing aids regularly everyday and come for an occasional adjustment, love their hearing aids. They don’t ever want to be without them because they are hearing so well again. Those who don’t, well, you guessed it- they don’t experience all the great sounds of life and continue to struggle and miss out and cause more frustration for themselves and those around them. This is not necessary.

Simply put, hearing aids aren’t always perfect and may never be (although many customers absolutely feel their hearing aids are perfect nowadays with all the great new hearing technology available!), yet they are so much better than constantly missing out on what’s said, asking people to repeat, avoiding conversations all together because you lack the confidence to hear and interact accordingly. In today’s world with all the advancements in hearing technology, there is no reason to not be hearing your best and have this tremendous gift the rest of your life for yourself and those around you.