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Is it time to get a hearing test?

Everyone past 45 years old should get a hearing test, just to stay on top of your overall health.That’s why we offer free hearing testing to everyone to assist you in your overall well-being. Your hearing test will tell us whether you have hearing loss or not and what is the best solution for your particular needs.

If you have hearing loss, we will review your hearing history including work environments, health issues, certain events you feel contributed to your hearing loss and any family history of hearing loss. We will discuss how it is affecting you in the present and the challenges it’s creating now. Then we will discuss your hopes and goals for better hearing based on your test results. We will provide you the most specialized and affordable solutions for your hearing needs. Certain types of hearing loss may be treated surgically or medically. We will know if that is right for you and refer and recommend accordingly. Fortunately, hearing loss is most commonly treated by hearing aids, so you can avoid unnecessary, invasive surgery. Either way our Hearing Specialists will discuss your best options with you for a course of action you are completely comfortable with.

If you haven’t had a hearing test in awhile, it’s time! Call us today to set up your free hearing test and consultation with one of our licensed Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

How much time does a hearing test take?

Plan on about 1 hour for a test and consultation. A comprehensive hearing test will take between 20-30 minutes. If hearing loss is discovered, then discussion and consultation will take another 30 minutes. You will have the option at that time to purchase hearing aids. If you do so, we will set another 30 minute appointment a couple of days later to be fit with your new hearing aids. After that, on average you can plan to come in for another 2 15-20 minute check ups for fine tuning your new hearing aids.

Is wax build up causing my hearing loss?

We will examine your ears with a video scope that goes in your ear canal, so you can see what is going on inside of your ears. If there is wax, it usually is not enough to cause hearing loss. We will help you clean it out accordingly. In the rare case it is blocked enough to cause hearing loss, we will work with you to get it cleaned out. Then we will test your hearing afterwards for best results.

Is it necessary to bring someone else with me for my hearing test?

You will get the best results if you bring a family member or friend along. We prefer to do the speech testing with a voice familiar to you for your best results. Plus a spouse or family member will have important additional details about your hearing performance. All that helps us come to the best solutions and course of action for you.

Is there any charge for a hearing test?

FREE! It doesn’t get better than that. We will provide a comprehensive ear examination and hearing test for your best information at absolutely no charge or obligation to you.

What is the best hearing aid for you?

Your hearing test results and needs will be unique to you. Once we test your hearing, we will discuss your different options among custom hearing solutions through our manufacturing facility or other major brands as necessary. We will discuss your lifestyle, preferences and financial concerns. Then we will provide the best hearing solutions for you and your hearing needs.

Just as your hearing loss is unique to you, so should your hearing aid be. Your Hearing Healthcare Professional will provide the correct solution for you, based on various solutions available and what meets your criteria. This will always provide the most accurate results, more than choosing a hearing aid based on what your friend or family member uses.

How many brands do you offer?

We offer our own custom brand so we can manufacture your new hearing aids more precisely to your needs and take care of the long term service in the most time and cost efficient manner. We also offer the main 6 hearing aid brands for your total selection. Other brands are available upon request.

Do I need one hearing aid or two?

Your hearing test will answer this question. Most people have hearing loss in both ears. If that is the case for you, then two hearing aids will be recommended, so you get both ears hearing well again. Other major hearing benefits when wearing two hearing aids include: significantly improved speech understanding, directionality to locate sounds, feeling balanced with better spatial orientation (knowing what’s going on around you), hearing well in background noise and more.

Can I hear well in all environments with my new hearing aids?

You will definitely hear much better in most situations. Certain limitations will apply to more damaged ears and hearing. The more damaged your hearing is, the harder it is to make it perfect in all environments. Excessive background noise environments will always be the most challenging to hear in. However, we will always work closely with you to give you the most realistic expectations possible. We will only recommend hearing aids if we can make a significant difference in your hearing and your life.

Are the invisible hearing aids right for me?

Great question! Let’s look at your hearing test results to determine the correct answer. The invisible hearing aids are very popular due to their cosmetic look. We will also want to consider what will be the most comfortable for you and give you the most natural, clear hearing. Sometimes the miniature open ear hearing aids that fit invisibly behind the ear are a more comfortable option. Either way, we will demonstrate both options and help you determine the best choice for you.

Also we give you 6 months time to make sure we fit you with the hearing aids you will be the happiest with. While our first recommendation is the best one over 95% of the time, we still want you to have total assurance that we will do whatever it takes to get you fit with the right hearing aids for you. Most hearing aid services only give you 30 days. Our 6 month satisfaction guarantee period is unparalleled in the industry.

How long does it take to get used to new hearing aids?

We will give you realistic expectations on this when we see your hearing test results. Most people get comfortable with their new hearing aids in minutes or a few days due to the new open ear technology. Many people don’t even notice their new hearing aids starting their first day. Open ear technology allows a very natural feeling like there is nothing there. These have become very popular due to their instant fit and comfort. Custom in ear hearing aids usually take 1-4 weeks to adjust to, where they become second nature to you.

What do I need to know about caring for my hearing aids?

We will cover all of that with you at your hearing test and again at your hearing aid fitting. Taking care of your hearing aids is very simple. Keep them cleaned out with a little brush included with the hearing aids, wipe them down with a tissue if they get wax or moisture on them, change your batteries regularly and keep them in a safe place from pets or children. Also don’t get them wet or wear them swimming or in the shower. You are fine to wear them when it is raining. If they do get moisture in them, open the battery door and let them dry out for a day and they should work again fine. If they continue not to work, contact us at your earliest convenience and we will take care of them immediately.

Should I wear my hearing aids when I’m home alone?

You will do the best by wearing your hearing aids as often as possible, except in water or while your sleeping. The more  you wear your hearing aids, even in quiet environments, the faster your brain will adjust to wearing them and hearing the new sounds of life you haven’t heard for awhile. Allowing the brain the opportunity to adjust to new sounds is very important. As your hearing loss came gradually over many years, it will take your brain a little time to readjust to all the new sounds you are hearing. People who love their hearing aids the most are the ones who put them in every morning and take them out at night. At least, you should be wearing your hearing aids 50% of the time or more, (of the hours you are awake every day).

Do all hearing aids use batteries?

Most hearing aids require batteries. These are easy to install and replace and are cheap. Hearing aid batteries last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. They are available through our hearing centers or our online websites. They are also readily available at most grocery stores or pharmacies. There are rechargeable hearing aids, but we only recommend these when people have serious dexterity problems or are in senior care homes without much assistance. The sound clarity and performance is still better on battery operated hearing aids.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Glad you asked! At Harris Hearing, we own the manufacturing. We cut out the middle men and high manufacturing costs to save you a lot of money and give you the fastest, most efficient service. Hearing aids range from cheap amplifiers for $100 to prices for high end technology over $4,000-5,000 per hearing aid. We offer the best brands in the industry for less than any competitor. For the best value, we can use our manufacturing lab and literally save you thousands of dollars on your hearing aids. Instead of common $4,000-8,000 price tags for entry to high end technology, we range for the same technology from $1,000-4,000. We provide the most advanced, specialized hearing solutions for “club mart prices!” We always have. Plus you get the most experienced Hearing Health Professionals in Utah for your best hearing results and your most thorough follow up care. Our Professional Staff are some of the most experienced in the industry worldwide. For more specific prices, call today and come in for your free hearing test to determine what is right for you.

What if I can’t afford a hearing aid yet?

You should still come in for a hearing test, so we can help you stay on top of your hearing loss to maintain your best overall well-being. Plus we have many excellent options for financing. We offer 12 month 0% interest same as cash programs, low interest programs, poor credit programs and in-house financing options as well. Plus we have manufacturing assistance programs to help occasionally. Come in and let’s find a solution and program that works with your situation and needs. We promise, we will do all we can to get you the help you need.

Why do I see so many hearing aid ads all the time?

Actually, you only have a few main hearing aid companies in Utah. They consistently advertise, which may seem like a lot. In reality, you have a couple of main national franchises (very high priced), a few club marts and a small handful of independent hearing clinics (almost always your most significant, real value).

Harris Hearing is the most trusted and experienced hearing aid leader in the state with over 56 years in business. We innovate new hearing aids every year, which we wholesale to other hearing aid manufacturers and retailers nationally and worldwide. In Utah, you have the opportunity to work directly with the only international hearing aid manufacturer in the Western United States through our FDA Registered Manufacturing facility. We can custom make hearing aids for you to get you the most advanced hearing technology, the most comfortable custom fit made right here with our highly experienced and skilled technicians and do it for half the cost of other hearing aid companies. This is why Harris is continually  voted #1 in the state for many years in a row.

What do I get for a hearing aid that costs a few hundred dollars?

You have many options for hearing aids. Digital technology is not all the same. There are many different levels of quality, performance, features, and capabilities to match your lifestyle and hearing needs. Whatever your budget is, come in and let’s get your hearing back up to match you lifestyle and your wants. The more advanced hearing aids have the best performance in speech clarity, background noise reduction, bluetooth options and more. Low cost hearing aids offer basic digital amplification and work fine for certain hearing losses. The best way to know what is right for you is by having a free hearing test and no obligation consultation with one of our Hearing Health Professionals. Come in and let’s find the right solution for you.

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