Custom Hearing Protection, Ear molds & Earplugs

Weston Harris founded the international leader, SportEAR, in 2000. SportEAR hearing protection is recognized worldwide as the very best hearing protection with hearing enhancement one can buy. The SportEAR reputation holds with many top military and shooting organizations through the USA and the world. SportEAR is the hearing protection of choice for many companies including Front Sight, Smith & Wesson, FNH-USA, military division, pilots, industrial and so many more. Far too many to list.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is 100% preventable. Inasmuch as our expertise comes from high end hearing aids, we have taken the most proactive approach in the world. SportEAR hearing protection with enhancement helps tens of thousands of people worldwide in the most extreme environments to prevent NIHL. Our testimonials to this cause are endless.

Whether you work or play around damaging loud sounds, make sure you use the right hearing protection. If you’re out shooting, hunting, working around construction, manufacturing plants, lawn mowers, power tools, mining, industrial work, HVAC, auto racing- especially American auto racing and hot rod racing, motorcycles, airplanes, high speed dental drills, loud concerts with very loud, distorted, damaging speakers and so much more. Long term noise exposure and one time events like a gunshot can all accelerate hearing loss dramatically. Your ears are amazing, far beyond any sound technology ever. Do all you can to take care of them. Once damaged hearing loss is totally irreversible.

Our hearing aid line and our SportEAR line offer earplugs, head muffs, universal fit and custom fit hearing protection options. You can also have sound enhancement with automatic hearing protection. If you are getting hearing aids, you can add this hearing protection technology into your hearing aids.

The dual nature of our proprietary technology is quite amazing. You can hear everything perfectly in your various environments, while automatically compressing damaging loud sounds to safe levels.

This technology is also a very popular add on for people suffering from hyperacusis- a real sensitivity to loud sounds. We have many hearing aid customers, whose hearing has been damaged and they have become very sensitive to loud sounds and love the automatic hearing protection of their hearing aids.

Custom ear molds and earplugs offer the most hearing protection and comfort for your ears. They hold in your ears securely, no matter what activities you find yourself in, to help you protect your hearing. If you already have hearing loss, it becomes that much more critical that you take great care to protect what you have left.

Custom Ear molds

Earmolds come in many shapes and sizes. There are many materials earmolds can be made of. The very best materials for earmolds and hearing protection are: silicone (very soft, comfortable and durable), foam tips with tiny air pockets inside (these distract the sound waves from penetrating to your eardrum and beyond), and non-allergenic, acrylic- (the most durable). The most popular styles are are small, in the canal models or small, behind the ear models with a custom earmold made to plug the ear. Ask us at your visit about earmolds, earplugs and hearing protection. We will gladly discuss and demonstrate the different types and their benefits, to make sure we address this carefully for your total care and satisfaction.

Custom and universal fit earmolds also offer filtered attenuators, which allow normal sounds to come through while blocking out loud sounds- very popular for musicians and concert goers. Filtered earmolds are offered in electronic and non-electronic models. Custom earmolds for earphones and headphones are also very popular for custom fitting pilot boom-mic headsets, stethoscopes and many other specialty uses Whatever your need, give us a call and we can help find the right solution for you. Custom earmolds require a custom impression of your ears for the perfect fit and performance. The little bit of time and money you may spend, to have custom earmolds made for the exact contour of your ears, will be well worth it to have the best solutions to protect you precious hearing.

Custom Earplugs

Simple, yet very effective earplugs can be specialized in many ways to your needs and satisfaction. They also come in different materials like earmolds. They usually sit down in the canal and are designed for hearing protection only. You can find plenty of options for filtering for music and other ambient noises.
Specialty earplugs can also be custom fit for your ear canal and the contours of your ears. Custom earplugs are also much more comfortable than standard size earplugs. You can get simple handles on them and a lanyard, if desired. Custom earplugs can be used for many activities as listed in the top section above. They are also excellent for swimming and water sports.
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