Comprehensive Hearing Tests

If you are noticing problems with your hearing, call today and schedule your comprehensive, computerized hearing test to determine the nature and severity of your hearing loss. The hearing test results will detail the type and severity of your hearing loss.
The hearing test results usually provide insight to the cause of your hearing loss. Our Hearing Specialists will use these results to consult with you and determine the best course of action to get you hearing  your very best.

Which hearing tests do I need?

Tests may vary according to the age, longevity of problem, the type of hearing loss, as well as the physical conditions of your ear canal, ear drum and your middle ear. A thorough hearing test also shows whether your hearing loss is conductive ( a physical obstruction or abnormality in the middle or outer ear) or sensorineural (inner ear nerve damage or possibly problems with central processing in the brain).
A diagnostic hearing test always includes pure-tone, bone-conduction and speech testing.

Pure-tone Air and Bone Conduction Testing

After a careful examination of your ear canals, we will place headphones on your ears and test pure tones through air conduction in your ears- in other words, we will present a series of tones to your ears to see the softest threshold where you are able to hear these sounds.  Bone Conduction testing does the same as pure tone testing, only we place a device on the bone behind the ear and present the tones through the bone to determine your level of hearing in the inner ear. Both of these tests help determine if the hearing problem is caused from issues in the outer ear, middle ear or inner ear.


Speech Testing

Speech reception threshold (SRT) testing is always used to verify the test results of your pure tone testing. We present a series of words to each ear individually to determine the softest levels where you can still recognize speech. This validates our findings in the pure tone testing and helps us understand how well your brain interprets sounds as well.
Our Hearing Specialists will always carefully inspect your ear canal (perform otoscopy) and test the middle ear with tympanometry (as needed) to verify health of both.
Additional specialized hearing tests may be needed on a per case basis depending on the complexity of the person’s health condition and hearing loss conditions.

Testing Other Areas May be Needed:

  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  • Auditory steady-state response (ASSR) testing
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) screening

After the hearing testing is complete, we will review the results with you, so you have a clear understanding of your situation. If hearing loss is discovered, we will help you determine your best course of action for your best hearing results. We will answer any questions you have and do anything necessary to assist  you fully.

Our Hearing Health Professionals specialize in hearing, hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation through hearing aids. Please ask any questions you have, so you understand things fully to your satisfaction.